We move companies through idea, research, design and engineering.


We want you to talk us through your problem discovery process.


We discover whether you need a new solution or an existing one.


We do research about the problem and present you a set of different approaches.

What do we do next?

Decide which phase you are at. Not sure? Don’t worry, we can figure it out together. Check the table below.

  • Idea Stage
  • Proof of Concept
  • Final Prototype
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Setting up Manufacturing
  • Ongoing Production
Idea Stage

Idea Stage

You’ve created the idea of product or service. We can help you try your idea on breadboard.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

You have defined the product features, technical spesifications and product-market fit.

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

After your refinement of the initial prototype through multiple iterations, your fully integrated working prototype within the final industrial design (looks like / works like) should be finalized and complete. We can help you with iterations and creating the final prototype.

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing

Ideally you are integrating DFM early on during this process. Final details and quality plans should be implemented to ensure the product can be produced and assembled at scale.

Setting up Manufacturing

Setting Up Manufacturing

You have your complete design package (BOM/CAD) ready and initial volumes are set. Finding the best appropriate contract manufacturing partner to produce your product based on your needs and their capabilities and experties.

Ongoing Production

Ongoing Production

Your product is in production currently, or has been in production previously through small batch runs. We can help you optimizing or auditing your existing processes to continue scaling.

We can collaborate in five easy steps!

  1. Fill the form on the right.
  2. Explain us in general your situation, and plans, so that we can help.
  3. Request our NDA, if you would like to share sensitive or strategic information.
  4. Don’t worry, if we are not the right partner for the project, we will honestly tell you.
  5. If we seem to be the right partner, then we can plan an (online) meeting, go into details and make you an offer.